Family Law

    Specializing in Custody and Divorce Mediation, Parenting Coordination, Adoption, and 
    Dependency Child Welfare

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Family Law

Family Law matters such as dependency, divorce, and child custody affect not only you, but also the lives of your children and spouse for many years to come. 

No matter the legal challenge you face, the decisions that involve your family should never be taken lightly. 

Our Goal
Whether you are divorcing or adjusting a custody schedule, the process can be stressful and lengthy. 

Benson Legal Services strives to be as discerning with your time and your money as you are. We work to get you the best results and prepare you for the likely outcomes.
Personalized Service

Our clients take comfort in our individualized approach to their case.

We work hard to ensure that anyone who walks into our office leaves with more knowledge than when she or he walked in.




Ms. Benson is committed to securing the interests of her clients.

Benson Legal Services is led by Attorney Sydney CH Benson, who concentrates her practice on Family Law. She will partner with you to understand your needs and provide the support and guidance you are looking for.

Ms. Benson received her undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University. She attended The College of Law at the University of Iowa completing internships at both the Dauphin County District Attorney and Dauphin County Domestic Relations Offices. Ms. Benson served  as a Senior Associate a private law firm in Pennsylvania, prior to opening her office. Wanting to broaden her practice areas and create an impact of her own, she founded Benson Legal Services in York Pa.

Ms. Benson understands that Family Law conflicts can come with deep emotional burdens and stress. She gives her clients the unique tools they need to move through litigation without adding additional stress. Ms. Benson advocates for her clients believing that their lives should not be destroyed by their current situation but instead should be positively transformed by it.


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Family Law Academy

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