Family Law

Divorce Mediation

Divorce is the separation of two individuals who made a pledge to become one. That logically comes with real emotions and feelings. It is difficult for those in the marriage to move forward with the divorce without involving their emotions.

To prepare for the emotions, we make sure our clients have a support system outside of Benson Legal Services to deal with the psychological impact.

Benson Legal Services is able to ease some of the worry while we walk you through the complex process of divorce.
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“Must Haves” for Anyone Going Through a Divorce:
  • A Good Friend  Not several friends. You need one good friend to whom you are able to tell the uncomfortable truth and someone from whom you will listen to hard advice. Your attorney cannot be that person. You do not want to pay your attorney to be your friend. But if you have a good, level headed friend, who will listen and tell the truth, you will limit the amount that you pay your attorney.
  • Therapist  Divorce is a traumatizing event. Emotions should not be used to make decisions in a divorce. A therapist will help you separate the emotional aspect of your case from the financial decisions. Courts cannot replace self-esteem, time lost, hurt, pain, etc.  Marital fault does have a small place in divorce, but it is not the focus of most divorces. Your healing and renewal will come from a place outside of the divorce.
  • Expert Attorney  You need an attorney that knows the law and will work to get you the best results. Your attorney should be able to discern what is relevant and what isn’t. She should be able to understand your financial information and its impact in your divorce. That attorney should be able to communicate with you using words that you can understand.