Family Law

Guardian Ad Litem

Benson Legal Services provides Guardian Ad Litem services for child custody, dependency, and incapacitated persons. A Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) advocates for the best interests of the person for whom they are appointed. 

As a Guardian Ad Litem, my office can complete the following:
  • Home Studies for Custody Cases:  Depending on the issues of the case, our GALs will go into the homes and lives of both or one parent to determine if there are any safety concerns. The home study can also include a look into the finances of the individual parents to see if the parents are able to maintain the home. A report will be issued to both sides and it will give the court an in depth look into the homes of the respective parties.
  • GAL Report:  The report is very thorough. As GAL, we have the ability to speak to the therapists for all of the parties involved, probation officers, school teachers and guidance counselors, friends, family members and anyone that may have knowledge about the parties involved. The report can also include, if requested, a home study.
  • Interviews with the Children:  Sometimes both parties counsel want to know how the child will testify before the hearing. As GAL, I can set up a series of meetings with the child(ren) to talk to them and see how they feel about what is going on in the home and between the parents. I prefer to do a series of interviews so that the child becomes comfortable with me to share difficult information.
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